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Digital Bank Built For Students and Teens. Savings, Prepaid Debit Cards.


SDG 1&4- No Poverty & Quality Education: we believe access to financial and basic education will play a major role in eradicating poverty in Africa, and as such, we developed SLC (Sproutly Learners Club) financial education programs geared towards educating the next financial powerhouse in Africa and the globe, through gamified and content based materials available to Kids/Teens in K12 schools and beyond. To provide access to quality education and an assured uninterrupted learning environment, we developed the COWRI solution to help provide access to low interest tuition credit payments for parents and students and access to educational financing for school operational needs and infrastructural development. We like to believe that as pioneers of teen/student focused Neobank, we are the instruments to a better financial future for Africa’s largest generation.

SDG 9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: Our long term goal is to revamp the education industry through tech driven innovation, management, and access to resources to keep schools running efficiently. Through Sproutly, every child’s educational progress and cycle will be accounted for through innovative solutions like Sproutly’s NSUI, Bursary and EMO products focusing on every child’s educational security and insuring that we create a world that is truly borderless.

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Pierre Nwoke

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Prince Akachi

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