Secure a better financial future for your children

Parents can save  for just anything through the Parent App on Timelock Clan Saving™️ alongside friends and family through the Sproutly Co-parent feature.

Debit card & financial literacy app for you

We are providing you access to money management tools to help you stay independent and make the right money choices.


Teens learn about Saving and Investing

with videos and quizzes on the Sproutly app. They take on financial challenges and get rewarded on every milestone completion in the Sproutly Financial Learners Club.


Giving your Teens a Sense
of Financial Independence

The teenage years are very crucial and often determine the quality of adulthood. With Sproutly, your teens can stay independent financially while you stay in full control.

👣 Track expenses through real time update
💳 Restrict where and how your teens use their cards
⚙️ Manage/Approve who sends money to your teen through Holding Balance™️ and Inflow™️
📖 Financial education taught in-app

Join for free

Prepaid Debit Card + Savings App + Sproutly Financial Club 60 days free, then only NGN499.99/month

Choose from 20+ designs and customise your card, too.


Financial freedom

Parents can help manage Teens financial accounts with real-time updates, and customisable controls.


No more late fees/ debts

Helping parents provide a hiccup- free education for their child. We partner with schools and parents to pay upfront for tuition fees, by facilitating low interest full upfront payment. We handle the cost, you focus on educating.

Available to registered private schools in Nigeria (Pre-nursery, Basic, Secondary and Private Universities).

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